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Friday, April 15, 2011

Work update: knitting done so far

So far, I have been knitting "blind": since I do not know what trees will be used for the project and how big they are, I do not know what size to knit my panels. I made a decision when I got the green light for the project, to make medium size panels. I knit 16" X 18" panels, and my mother who has giving me tremendous help from Florida, is knitting with the same directive so far.

Governors Island doesn't open to the public until Memorial Day weekend, and Figment is getting special permission April 22 to visit the island. Starting next week, I'll be able to knit panels that fit exactly on the trees "given" to the project, and make panels to complement what we have done so far.

Since some of you wanted to see work in progress, I am posting the panels I made, the ones my mother and my sister knitted in Florida (they are beautiful!), the balls of yarn that I cut with the help of Sarah and Mary (and all the Union Pool workers), and a test photo of my panels on a tree in a Bay Ridge park.

My mother and sister's work:

My work:

All the yarn cut so far:

Test run in Bay Ridge (I didn't have the FL panels yet... too bad!)

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