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Mr. McGuire, The Graduate

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm going to be on Japanese TV!

Figment had their big art festival June 10-12, and though the weather did not cooperate on Saturday (drizzly and cloudy all day), the crowds came out to participate in this unique cultural event. I want to thank Sarah for volunteering to stay with me all day Saturday in the cold and rain: she was a real trooper giving knitting lessons while her lips slowly turned blue... and of course, a big thank to Heather for helping me Sunday.

Knit for Trees was in great shape this weekend, as I had gone to Governors Island during the week to wrap a fourth tree, and put in all the panels that folks have knitted the last two weekends on the island, as well as many other pieces that were generously donated by knitter helpers. The large tree now has two of its branches started and looks dashing!

On Saturday, a Japanese public TV station interviewed me, and videotaped folks knitting and the installation. The show will air at the end of June but unfortunately will not be web-cast. I was also interviewed by El Mundo, and I am waiting to find out when the article comes out. A lot of press, a lot of compliments, new friends and old friends coming by to look at the work, are making me feel very good about this project so far. I can't wait to see how many trees we can cover before Labor Day weekend, and who knows? May be Knit for Trees Tokyo is next!

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