I want to say one word to you. Just one word.... Plastics.”
Mr. McGuire, The Graduate

Monday, July 11, 2011

A friendly weekend

Summer is heating up in NYC, and the temperatures are climbing into the 90's. Fortunately Knit for Trees is in a shaded area of Governors Island, and we had a very nice breeze most of the weekend.

I had two unexpected visits from old friends. Margarita, a classmate from the NY Academy of art, whom I hadn't seen in years came by with her husband Steve and her student Arthur. Margarita knitted her "special" stitch, which she described as the adolescent stitch: full of bumps in the road!

Ingrid and her husband Cory came with their two children, Tristan and Sera. Ingrid and I are friends from our video-gaming days in Boston. We mostly knitted and caught up with each others' lives, which was quite lovely!

My intern Heather came back from California, where she visited her family and got some well deserved rest. We spent a really nice Sunday afternoon together... I even taught her how to crochet! A few families came by for a second time around to knit, and a lot of folks came by to drop off their plastic bags: we must be doing something right!

And of course, if you already are friends with me on Facebook, you already know the best comment/question of the weekend:

Is this your husband's idea or yours?

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