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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gearing up for Vermont

As the Governors Island project is winding down, I am getting ready for the show in Vermont. The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in Rutland, Vermont, has accepted the Knit for Trees installation, as part of their SculptFest 2011. This show (which is called Forces of Nature) will open Saturday September 10th in Rutland. I recently received the dimensions for the trees, as well as a photo for the site. Needless to say I am very excited about it, and I am furiously knitting in order to have 5 trees done for the opening. The trees are all birch trees, so I decided to make more colorful panels with bands of colors (yellow, blue and black) at the top,  bottom, and in the middle of each tree. Here is a photo of the site sans panels. I will post photos in September when the installation is complete:

I am not abandoning Governors Island quite yet, however. I am planning on a quick trip to the island on Friday to install all the panels that were knitted on site. They will go on the large tree branches and complete the Knit For Trees on Governors Island.

I am also planning a Labor Day picnic for all the knitters, bag cutters, bag givers and general supporters. This will be a GREEN potluck picnic, September 3 from noon to 4. Bring your own drink and food to share. This will mark the end of the knitting circle, but the installation will stay up until the last weekend of September so you still have time to see it!

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