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Monday, August 22, 2011

The last days of summer...

Over the summer, many people have knitted with me, and their contributions were finally added on Friday afternoon. I took a leisurely trip to Governors Island, and added all those panels to the branches of the large tree. I must admit that I wished then that I could keep going with adding panels and finish all the trees on the path near me. I will also admit I am running out of steam so, in a way, my low energy level cancels my regrets!

I am truly impressed by the number of panels visiting knitters were able to make, and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project: from donating and cutting bags, to knitting one row, to knitting several panels. The project was successful because of the generous help I received since February.

Friday was a slow day at work for me so I took that opportunity to make a mini-knitted tree for the artists who have a mini-city installation next to me. I choose a branch that would most look like a small tree, and covered it with extra tiny panels I had, then knitted bands of blue, red and yellow. The tree survived two subway trips, and a massive cat attack, but was not sturdy enough for the visitors to Governors Island. Within an hour of being installed, the tree was broken, one of its branches dangling like a broken wing. I had not taken photos of the tree at home, but here is a photo after the accident:

The past few mornings have been pretty cold, and ads are running for back to school supplies. The project is almost over. My last knitting circle will be next weekend, followed by our celebration picnic Sept. 3. It has been a truly amazing project, which has given me confidence and energy to make more art. Governors Island is open to the public until the end of September, so come on by if you still haven't visited this year!

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